Estate Planning For Beneficiaries With Addiction

Date: Thursday, January 14, 2021
Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Location: Zoom
Speaker: Amanda Koplin, LPC & Jennifer Tarzia, MTF

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Virtual Session
Thursday, January 14, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (ET)
Estate Planning For Beneficiaries
With Addiction
Presenters: Amanda Koplin, LPC & Jennifer Tarzia, MTF
About the Presentation
Amid an opioid crisis, and rising rates of addiction, it is likely you will encounter a beneficiary who struggles with an addiction or is in recovery from an addiction. The rates of addiction are rising across the nation. According to the National Center For Drug Abuse, 10 million young people ages 12-29 are in need of substance abuse treatment but only 1 out of every 10 will receive it. There are many barriers to care, especially for wealthy families, which include shame, lack of confidentiality, and access to money which prevent them from living the legal and life consequences others without money would face and which would propel them into recovery.
Amanda and Jennifer will walk estate planners through the process of identifying and understanding addiction, recovery, and common pitfalls for wealthy families, ways estate planners can assist in creating legal documents and avenues to defend against the pitfalls of addiction and promote recovery, and identify strategic relationships to assist in navigating active addiction as well as long-term recovery. 
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Thursday, January 14, 2021
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1:00 PM - Adjourn
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About the Speakers
Amanda Koplin, LPC
Founder & CEO - Licensed Professional Counselor
Koplin Consulting
Amanda Koplin, LPC is a mental health counselor, entrepreneur and thought leader who creates innovative solutions to fill gaps in the mental healthcare system. In 2016, she sold her first business to create Koplin Consulting, a nationwide concierge mental health treatment team service.
Amanda frequently speaks to trusted advisors such as estate planners, trustees, family business offices, and wealth advisors to educate and support them in understanding how addiction, mental illness, and eating disorders impact the creation and implementation of estate plans. She is passionate about helping people achieve mental wellness and creating sustainable support systems and solutions which integrate seamlessly into real life.
Amanda is a speaker and a nationally sought-after consultant who specializes in creating unique treatment plans and recommendations for individuals struggling with psychological concerns such as addictions, eating disorders, lack of motivation, and other issues impacting mental wellness. She is particularly adept at involving trusted advisors and family members in order to create the greatest impact.
Jennifer Tarzia, MFT
After obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at San Diego State University, Jennifer spent 5 years working at a private mental health residential treatment center, carrying the roles of House Manager, Line Staff Supervisor and Admissions Director.
Upon discovering her love for working with clients with chronic mental health diagnoses and backgrounds in a myriad of situations, especially crisis intervention, Jennifer completed her Master’s Degree in Counseling at National University and became a MFT (Marriage and Family Therapist). After opening a new treatment center in Seattle, WA, she returned to San Diego and began working with adolescents and adults with Eating Disorders.
During these full time positions, Jennifer worked as a private interventionist and Director of Family Services at CBI, moving into the COO role in 2017. She sits on the Board for NoSilence NoViolence as a crisis support leader, maintains positions on both San Diego and National WAAT (Women’s Association of Addiction Treatment) boards, and is the former Treasurer for the San Diego IAEDP Chapter (International Association for Eating Disorders). She is passionate about bringing awareness to mental health and addiction struggles in our society, educating families, practitioners and the community whenever she can.
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